Dms Imaging, member of the French Healthcare

“French HEALTHCARE” – The french health excellence

“French Healthcare’s” objectives:

To promote French expertise and innovation in the healthcare sector by engaging a collective movement that stimulates the international outreach and know-how of French healthcare technologies.

French Healthcare” aims to become the reference for the French healthcare technology made in France!

A public and private initiative:

“French Healthcare” is developed as part of a governmental strategy based on supporting priority sectors turned toward exportation.  “French Healthcare” is an initiative of the Strategic Committee of the Industrial Healthcare Technology (CSFITS) geared toward improving the visibility of the French offer in an international environment.

“French Healthcare” is based upon a close collaboration between:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.
  • Business organizations (Business France, Expertise France, International Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Professional syndicates and federations
  • Companies, Hospital Facilities, Research Institutes, Competitiveness Clusters and Universities

“French Healthcare” is presided by Jean-François Gendron, CEO of Sotec Medical, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Pays de la Loire Region and Vice-President of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The other eight members of the Executive Board are “all from sectors of excellence in French Healthcare”, in both public and private sectors.

Pierre Savart, treasurer, is Director of International Operations of the “LEEM”, Syndicate of Pharmaceutical Companies.

Florent Surugue is the SME & Mid-Caps Director of the SNITEM, the professional organization of medical devices

Edouard de Tinguy is the Public Affairs and Communications Director of Urgo Group

Catherine Liabeuf, is the External Communications Manager of Servier

Samuel Sancerni is the Managing Director of DMS Imaging

Yara El Eleywa manages International Relations at the Strasbourg Teaching Hospital and is Secretary of the association CHU de France, a group of French Teaching Hospitals.

Philippe Maugendre is the Director of Relations Professional Associations at Sanofi

Robert Sigal manages the American Hospital

Read the press release about the first general meeting of “French Healthcare” (in French) >>