The American Hospital of Paris trusts DMS Imaging and chooses Platinum Néo.

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Under the direction of Professor Sarrazin, the imaging center of the American Hospital of Paris combines the medical skills of recognized hyperspecialized radiologists, and a technical platform both complete and with the highest level of technology.

Unique by the quality of patients’ care, the American Hospital of Paris is completely involved in the French Healthcare Association dynamic. It is in this respect, the first hospital to obtain the AFNOR label: French Quality Hospital.

Created by the French Healthcare Association, this label evaluates how international patients are taken care of in French hospitals and aims to position France as one of the main actors on the market of “medical tourism” (Travel for Treatment).

By choosing the Platinum Néo conventional X-ray table, new imaging solution developed and manufactured in France, in our factories based in Occitanie, the American Hospital of Paris clearly shows its ambition to continue on the way to excellence. Its national and international dimension will be a first-class showcase for the DMS Imaging group and will play a major role in the international launch of Platinum Néo.

Brand new remote-controlled radiology room of the DMS Imaging group, Platinum Néo is the first solution available on the market with a “machine intelligence” engine to significantly optimize workflow, but also increase reliability and the quality of associated diagnoses as well as the securing of the examination at the service of the patient and the medical profession. The American Hospital of Paris will be able to experiment with these new options starting next September.

Platinum Néo received the innovation prize when being launched during the last French Days of Radiology and will be presented internationally for the first time during the ECR 2022 (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna, Austria, from July 13 to 17.

We would like to thank the teams from the American Hospital of Paris for trusting us.