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A complete system with flexible configurations

Our brand new remote-controlled radiology, platinum neo is our most recent solution that includes “machine intelligence” in the service of significantly optimizing workflow, and in increasing reliability and the quality of diagnosis as well as the making the exam as secure as possible for the patient and the operator.

The motorized tilting of the table at +/- 90° gives the Platinum the ability to easily integrate into any examination room.

The Platinum can easily support a patient weighing up to 265 kg, with no movement limitations. The table top lowers to 48 cm to facilitate the patient loading. Full access around the table facilitates patient transfer.

With a continuous Source-To-Image-Distance (SID) of 110 to 180 cm, the Platinum allows a wide range of examinations, offering optimal accuracy for pulmonary and stitching examinations.

Patient coverage is 201 cm.
As an option, longitudinal movement of the table top can further increase the patient coverage.