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The Optima System

The Optima benefits from all the knowledge developed for the Platinum making it a high-performance, efficient system adaptable to all types of budgets. Featuring our software platform ADAM, the Optima provides a high degree of versatility for radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations.

Based on the same technology as the platinum, the optima has been designed to be a
robust solution. this high-performance table uses the highest technology available on a
remote-controlled table and offers a comfortable diagnostic experience for the patient.
the wide range of options available makes it accessible for different budgets.

Key features

Imaging technology : Flat panel dynamic detector
minimum table height : 79 cm
Max patient weight : 200 kg

Patient coverage : 193 cm

+1m longitudinal movements : Optional

SID : 180 cm

Tilt range: +90°/-30°

Fully motorized movements : Yes

Tomography : Yes

Peripheral angiography / digital subtraction angiography (dsa) : Optional

Touchscreen colimator : Optional

Handsfree positioning pedal : Optional

Infrared remote control : Optional

ADAM software platform for best workflow

Innovative tilting movement to
achieve a low fixed height: 79cm

Innovative design for fast
and easy transportation

Fully motorized movements
for excellent workflow

The R/F Workflow Revolution

We are pleased to introduce adam, the new r/f software suite specifically designed to be a modern and efficient tool for imaging experts. adam combines development and design expertise with user experience to define the next generation of r/f workflow.


With its intuitive navigation flow, ADAM provides the right tool at the right moment. No wasted clicks, no wasted time. Informed by user feedback, ADAM’s easy, fast and efficient platform is the perfect solution to meet customers’ needs.


Thanks to the Go-To-Position feature, patient positioning has never been so easy ! With a simple adjustment of the LIH image on the monitor, the table will intelligently execute the most optimal movement. Patients can be centered without using X-rays.


ADAM offers a streamlined workspace, customizable and particularly adapted for touchscreen use.


Radiologists will benefit from excellent image quality resulting from the combination of state-of-the-art detector specifications, and a deep learning algorithm. Our powerful imaging processing tool provides an optimal image even in case of under-exposure, avoiding unnecessary retakes.

These products are Class IIb medical devices manufactured by Apelem and bear the CE marking. They are certified in the European Union under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC by SGS CE1639, exclusively for the indication of radiodiagnosis. Other non-medical uses ascribed to these devices are not within the scope of CE certification, and user should be aware product performance and/or safety has not been evaluated by SGS for those purposes. Read the operating instructions carefully. Photos are non-contractual.